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Roberto Martinez proposing to Ali Fedotosky with a Neil Lane sparkler. Photo: Matt Klitscher, ABC via Getty Images

Wearing his "lucky tie" handsome Floridian Roberto Martinez dropped to one knee and proposed to "The Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowsky on the reality show's romantic finale, offering her a Neil Lane 3.03 center Asscher-cut diamond and platinum engagement ring -- accented by 184 round brilliant-cut diamonds with an estimated worth of $50,000 -- and his eternal love.

"I want to make sure you wake up every morning for the rest of your life knowing you're so, so loved," Martinez told the Massachusetts-bred beauty.

"I love you so much. I really do," a joyful Fedotowsky responded, ending weeks of tabloid speculation that she concluded her season single and sealed the deal with an enthusiastic, "Oh my gosh. Yes.Yes."

In a dramatic twist, Fedotowsky departed from the reality franchise's cruel tradition of making its stars publicly reject their second choice and she opted to end her sweet relationship with endearing finalist Chris Lambton before the final rose ceremony.

She told Lambton she could not "put him through" the ordeal of planning a proposal she could not accept. "It is impossible for me to love two men," she said.

The show's resident stylist, Cary Fetman, dressed the duo he calls a "perfect couple" for the intimate proposal that followed on Bora Bora.

While Fedotowsky wore an Alberto Makali gown she chose before her international journey to find love began, Martinez was deliberate in choosing his proposal attire, Fetman tells StyleList.

"It was brilliant to watch him," says the stylist. "He was very careful and put so much thought and consideration into everything about the day right down to his shoes."

Here, Fetman takes us behind-the-seams of the fashionable finale:

What a girl wants:
Tom-glam Fedotowsky, who has professed a desire to marry her chosen one in tennis shoes, wanted a finale dress that was soft, comfortable, and pastel.

"She wanted to be the cute Girl Next Door," Fetman says. "She imagined how she would want to look on the day she was getting engaged. She didn't want something too tight or too sexy."

Since Fedotowsky was a fan of the empire-waist cocktail dress Shayne Lamas wore on the season 12 finale of "The Bachelor," Fetman hit some designer showrooms in Los Angeles and found a "close to perfect" iridescent silk-chiffon dress at Alberto Makali. "When the light hits it, it can look peach, gold, champagne," he says.

Straps and beads were removed from the original dress to keep the overall look low-key. Fedotowsky wore Jimmy Choo shoes, a pair of Max & Chloe chandelier earrings accented with amethyst and peach stones, anthracite, and bugle beads, as well as a thick gold Alexis Bittar bangle.

"I wanted to keep the jewelry on her arms minimal in case there was a proposal," says Fetman, who purchased the gems at Neiman Marcus. "The earrings were the perfect accent; they added color but didn't fight the dress."

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowski platinum engagement ring Neil Lane

Ali's platinum ring features a 3.03 center Asscher-cut diamond, accented with 184 round brilliant-cut diamonds, for an estimated value of $50,000. Photo courtesy of Neil Lane

As for the heels, "Even though she loved the shoes, she wanted to go barefoot. I won that one but only for a short period. By the end of the rose ceremony, the shoes were off!"

He's the boss: Cultured athlete Martinez wanted to wear his own suit. After Fetman talked him into donning "the most conservative suit I had," Martinez hesitated over ties. "I had this array from Dolce to Gucci and Prada, and he wanted to wear his own," says Fetman.

"In my heart, I say it was a luck thing. He had clothes he had worn with Ali, and he felt comfortable with them." Martinez chose a crisp white shirt to complete the look, but insisted on wearing his own shoes. "I take no responsibility for the square-toe shoes," says Fetman with a laugh. "It is my personal plea for no one to look at the feet!"

He also dressed Lambton in Hugo Boss in anticipation of the final rose ceremony, explaining he had to prepare the suits before Fedotowsky made the decision to end things early.

"He was very excited about Ali and the possibility of being with her," Fetman recalls of the fitting.. "I did not know him well, but I was terribly impressed by what a lovely guy he was and he looked very, very handsome when we were done."

Fetman described Bora Bora as "one of the most beautiful places we've ever shot a final rose ceremony -- but we were melting, it was so hot! The guys were just dying in their suits."

As for the ending, Fetman tells us, "It was one of he most unusual endings we've ever had and I'm happy about how it turned out. I really wish them both well. They make a perfect couple."

The newly engaged reality stars told the show's host, Chris Harrison, that they are planning a wedding for spring or summer of next year 2011 and will soon be living together in San Diego.

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