Azalea's Stephanie Villegas with Erin Wasson in San Francisco. Photo: Philip Nguyen

While much has been made of Erin Wasson parting ways with apparel brand RVCA, the model turned designer's official word on the matter is that now her "focus is on continuing with my Low Luv brand," as she told WWD.

She recently landed in San Francisco for a trunk show of the jewelry line at Azalea boutique.

was there to talk with Wasson about Low Luv, RVCA, and embracing her role as a style icon.

StyleList: You're here showcasing your Fall 2010 line for Low Luv. What was your inspiration this season?
Erin Wasson:
It's heavily inspired by symbolism, although the pieces are a lot more architectural because I played with a lot of negative space. I want it to look like I did all of the hard work for the girl buying it.

I find a lot of pieces in flea markets around the world when I'm traveling, and I have tons of books on jewelry from different cultures. So it's blending everything together.

I like that the collection looks old because my finishes are in antique silver and gold. They look like they've already been loved a little bit, which is really important to me.

SL: After taking on new roles as a stylist (for Alexander Wang) and designer (for Low Luv and RVCA) over the last few years, you've also become a street style icon of sorts. Is that something you embrace?
[Looks at us weird].

SL: You know what we're talking about.
I do! But I'm like every other girl that's into fashion, and I would have never thought in a million years I would have been given the opportunity to style and to make a clothing and jewelry line. When I meet girls enamored by what I'm doing, it makes me want to do more. They're the fire under my ass. All of this was very haphazard and spontaneous, and I just kind of fell into everything. But [the fans] make me feel like I'm doing the right thing right now.

SL: There have been rumors you're no longer collaborating with RVCA because you are difficult. What's your take?
It all came out in WWD. RVCA made their statement, I made mine. At the end of the day, this was all what it was meant to be. It was a contract and every contract comes to an end. Everything out in the world is speculation, and we loved working together. We both walked away from it with a lot of respect and gratitude.

SL: Do you think you'll do another clothing line? Perhaps a namesake collection?
Anything's possible. I like to keep a bit of mystery. I'm not ready to read my entire book to everyone right now. There are still a lot of chapters being written. And I want to make sure that [a clothing line is] right.

SL: You're in H&M's bikini ads. Did you prepare with a special diet and exercise routine?
I didn't do s--t. I want to say I work out, and I don't want to be that a--hole who doesn't do anything. But, no. I got lucky because I came to St. Barts with a tan because I was in Hawaii for my birthday two weeks before the job.

SL: You split your time between New York and L.A. Are you a surfer girl?
It's funny, [people see] me sort of encompassing this Southern California beach culture. I'm from Texas, so if I'm going to encompass anything it's a margarita, some Tex-Mex, and a concha belt.

SL: Beauty-wise do you have any must-haves?
When I wake up, I'm using Neutrogena Skin iD, which I bought off an infomercial, which was rad. I'm into trying new things, but because I travel so much, I try to keep [my routine] small and edited so everything fits into that little Ziploc bag. But I'm obsessed with Liz Earle's oils. I travel so much that my skin gets really dry.

And I love me some Falsies mascara from Maybelline [Wasson is one of the brand's spokesmodels]. For my hair, Leonor Greyl has these amazing jasmine hair masks that feel amazing. The products are all in French, so you don't really know what it is, but you just know that it works.

SL: Since you are always on the road, you must have your iPod on you at all times. What's your guilty-pleasure song?
The Wu-Tang Clan. If I'm going to have a moment and go there and get a little ghetto, it's all about Wu-Tang.

SL: The summer's just about wrapping up. Do you have any vacation plans?
I'm a working girl. I'm working all through August. I'm lucky enough to have a great job [modeling] in Harbour Island in the Bahamas, so I'm probably going to tag on a couple days there after the job. In August you either f--k off or stay around and take jobs. And if the money's there to be had, I'll work.

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