A typical Lady Gaga hairstyle. Photo: Getty Images

Lady Gaga strives to shock, but even some of her most out-there looks are borrowed from and inspired by past icons. For example, her Madonna-esque ensembles, Marilyn Monroe hair. Speaking of that hair...

We couldn't help but notice that all the styling, bleaching, and dyeing has done a number on Lady Gaga's hair, and she recently chopped it short.

The over-processed look certainly can't last forever, and it might be time for LG to make a move.

But what can she do that will be suitably surprising?

She's already done purple and yellow, teased and straight, so what type of style would be wacky enough to look right on the music world's brightest (and most bizarre) pop star?

We gave this topic some though and we think we've come up with some viable solutions.

From Natalie Portman's buzz cut to Jared Leto's punk 'hawk, Lady Gaga need only take a look around at her Hollywood peers for inspiration. Take a look at these possible celebrity hairstyles and vote on which you think would make a great next look for Gaga: