Wanna lose weight? Just have a couple ribs removed. Or go on a Photoshop diet. Photo: Ann Taylor

Just as some fashion magazines and celebrities are crying out for unretouched photos, the Photoshop fairy strikes again.

This time, it's Ann Taylor in the hot seat. The folks at Jezebel spotted an error on the label's website yesterday, which allowed visitors to see photos both before and after retouching.

We don't know about you, but we're quite envious of the model's body in the unretouched pic. The "after?" Well, that just looks downright painful. Her two thighs are the size of one of our arms. And that waist? Our 5-year-old child might not be narrow enough to pull off that look.

After the glitch was reported, Ann Taylor fixed it and apologies were sent to Jezebel: "We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if, in the process of retouching, that was lost."

The representative continued, "We agree, we may have been overzealous on some retouching but [going] forward we'll make sure to feature more real, beautiful images."

This isn't the first time Jezebel caught Ann Taylor Photoshoppin'. Back in May, the site noticed models with proportions that would make Barbie blush.

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