Looks from Banana Republic's Holiday 2010 collection. Photo: Courtesy of Banana Republic

DESIGNER: Simon Kneen for Banana Republic

INSPIRATION: The Himalayas and the subtly colored flowers. "I love the texture and the colors from our Himalayas inspiration and have added color and sheen on top of that," Kneen tells StyleList. "The sheens are in blush and peach tones. It's almost like flowers coming up through the tough mountain landscape."

Great sweaters in every weight and degree of chunkiness, in cool new shapes like a double-breasted jacket. A camel coat that looks to be tailored to the wearer's body.

ACCESSORIES: Really great evening bags with jeweled wrist straps – who needs jewelry? Us – that's who – and we're hoping for the Art Deco jet and Lucite necklace and earrings.

This is a store of mixed messages. On one hand, there are chunky, outdoors-ey pieces that could be real gear. On the other, there is a feminine, dressy thing going on with refined separates, evening wear and accessories. And then there's the partnership with "Mad Men," which confuses us even more.

Banana Republic Holiday 2010 Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Banana Republic

The bottom line is that there are many ways to make this collection work, but if you're looking to put it in a labeled box, it won't happen.

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