Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs. Photo: Getty Images

Marc Jacobs is in talks to make women's plus sizes -- or so says Marc Jacobs International president Robert Duffy, who took to Twitter yesterday to throw out the news that his company is thinking about expanding to include bigger sizes.

"We are in talks now. For plus sizes," Duffy tweeted Tuesday. "Hope it works out."

Duffy started the chain on Sunday, admitting that he wants the company to do plus sizes. The responses from his followers were lively and mainly positive.

His conversation included confessing that the company's current size 14 and 16 merchandise doesn't sell in Marc Jacobs stores (who even knew they made clothes in these sizes?) and asking for suggestions for the proposed line's name.

Of all the options, he seemed to like Above Average.

The Twitter-happy Duffy is either crazy or crazy like a fox. His loose-lipped tweeting either gets him into trouble or is a brilliant way of testing the waters for what the company is thinking about.

With almost 15,000 reply-happy followers, Duffy gets market research-worthy responses within minutes of floating up test balloons.

His last Twitter-induced sticky wicket happened prior to the company's Fall 2010 runway show in February, when Duffy tweeted about stage décor suggestions.

A rep from the company had no comment.

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