Avril Lavigne poses pretty in the Forbidden Rose fragrance ad campaign. Courtesy Photo

Avril Lavigne may appear to be tough as nails, but this rocker chick has a softer side that she's revealed since making her foray into the fragrance industry.

In the summer of 2009, the Canadian native introduced the world to her first perfume, Black Star, a fruity-floral with a sweet juice comprised of pink hibiscus flower, black plum, and dark chocolate.

But the 25-year-old singer is taking things to a new level with Forbidden Rose. Poured into a star-shaped bottle topped with a black rose cap and sealed with a barbed wire ring, Lavigne says that this purple-hued fragrance is about "pushing the boundaries and having no limits."

Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose. Courtesy Photo

Like her first eau de parfum, Forbidden Rose, which launches in mid August at Kohl's stores nationwide, is a fruity-floral blended with red apple, wine peach, and white lotus, but with a woody base made up of vanilla and sweet praline -- perfecting a much more sophisticated scent.

"I wanted to create a fragrance which takes the unique attitude of my first scent to a new emotional depth, adding mystery as well as a bit of magic," Lavigne told StyleList in an exclusive interview.

Read on for more as Lavigne opens up about the creative process behind Forbidden Rose, her love for black eyeliner and Minx nails, where she'd like to escape this summer, and what foods she likes to whip up in the kitchen.

StyleList: Were you involved in the scent-making process?
Avril Lavigne: I was involved with everything because I have to make sure it's something that I can stand behind and it has to represent me. Not only visually did I go through everything with creating the box, font and bottle, but I went through the whole message behind it including the ad campaign and commercial. I like the fragrance because you can wear it at day and night. Its fresh, edgy and fun. It makes me feel good. All of my girlfriends wear it, so we basically smell the same.

SL:What beauty products are always in your bag?
AL: I kind of switch it up, but I always have Rosebud Lip Balm. I like black eyeliner, mascara, and nail polish. I go back and forth between black and red nail polish. I like to wear Minx. I do designs like skulls. I did an "Alice in Wonderland" theme pattern on my nails for the movie premiere and wore it in the music video for the song I wrote.

SL: Is there anything you feel absolutely naked without?
AL: The thing that I'm most addicted to is black eyeliner. It's been my obsession for years.

SL: Are there any fashion mistakes from your past that you remember and regret?
I feel like my style has evolved since I was 17 years old and I'm 25 now. I've changed fashion-wise which is normal to do. But I look back and see all of the pictures and all of the different crazy things that I wore. And it was cool back then wearing the tie and skater pants.

Left: Avril Lavigne rocked a punky onstage style in 2002 at age 17. Right: Lavigne glams it up at a recent event at age 25. Photo: Getty Images

SL: You're known for your blond locks. What hair colors are you currently rocking?
AL: I put black in my hair underneath and sometimes I like to put pink streaks in my hair. But I'm kind of into the black streaks right now.

SL: What are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?
AL: I like to paint, cook, chill and do normal things like go to the movies. I really like to make vegetables. I like artichokes and Brussels sprouts. But I can cook everything -- from homemade soups, salads and fish. I like to eat healthy. And when I like to eat bad, I pig out on Mexican food because it's so good in California.

SL: Do you have any plans for the summer? Any places you'd like to escape?
The South of France is really fun in the summer. I'd like to go back this year if I can [laughs].

SL: Do you have any summer fashion must-haves?
I'm really big into sunglasses because I have sensitive eyes. So, I wear sunglasses all the time. I have a million pairs. I'm totally the person who would go to Venice Beach [California] and buy all the one-dollar, cheap sunglasses. I like Aviators. And I also like more high-end brands like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford.

SL: You'll be going on tour later this year. What are you most look forward to about hitting the road again?
AL: I'm looking forward to getting back on to the road to connect with the fans and do what I love to do which is play music. And it's been a while [laughs]!

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