Here's what's happening around the web this morning:

Kardashians Sign Fashion, Home Deals
Keeping up the Kardashians just got a little easier. The sisters have signed with Jupi Corporation to design a clothing, home, and accessories line, with (gulp) childrenswear on the horizon.

Naomi Campbell Testifies at "Blood Diamond" Trial
Naomi Campbell donned a cream Azzedine Alaia dress for her testimony in the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor this morning. Our verdict: Fabulous.
[Vogue UK]

Heidi Klum Flaunts Post-Baby Body in Black Bikini
Four children and she looks that good in a bikini? Heidi Klum has clearly made a pact with the devil.
[Daily Mail]

Woman in Bikini Arrested in Dubai
A British woman was arrested for indecency after walking through Dubai Mall in a bikini. Now there's a "Sex and the City 2" plotline we'd have liked to have seen.
[Press Association]

Shoshanna Gruss, Judith Ripka Launching Jewelry Line
Womenswear designer Shoshanna Gruss is teaming up with jeweler Judith Ripka to launch a costume jewelry line named -- handily enough -- Shoshanna. Our earlobes are tingling in anticipation.