Valerie, before and after her Makeover My Mom ambush. Photo: Kristin Burns

Valerie, better known as the "über mom," has mothered hundreds of kids. Not only does she care for her own two children, but for the past five years she has hosted and cared for a number of kids from all over the world that are spending time in the United States.

At 53, she looks older than her age. But who can blame her? Generously looking after so many kids leaves her with not a second to herself. (She can't remember the last time she had a manicure.)

Valerie's son and some of her foreign exchange students thought it was time she put herself first, and nominated the mom for a makeover.

Hairstylist Natasha Sunshine started the transformation with color. Mixing two similar shades -- mulberry and mahogany-- she touched up Valerie's roots, and then added soft highlights around her face to brighten her complexion. She also cut several inches off the bottom and added layers to create volume -- breathing new life into Valerie's otherwise flat hair.

Valerie after her Makeover My Mom transformation. Photo: Kristin Burns

Makeup artist Heather Cooper Smith went with the "no-makeup makeup" approach -- a look Valerie can easily wear every day. She applied a medium coverage foundation to help even and smooth her skin, yet keep it natural-looking. Soft shadow shades, brown eyeliner and mascara, complemented by bronzer and a light berry lip finished the look.

Fashion stylist and Makeover My Mom host Sam Saboura took a risk with a print sheath.

Why it works? A block print doesn't feel too busy, particularly when you add a layering piece like a pink cardigan. The bright color also helped to accentuate Valerie's complexion and give her overall look a more youthful feel.

Valerie's thoughts on the final result: "I feel hot!"

Super hot is more like it.

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