Three new Gap jeans looks. Photo: Courtesy of Gap

Don't expect those funny, day-of-the-week panties, but The Gap wants to dress you seven days a week.

"I've been talking about making the brand work for seven days a week," Patrick Robinson tells StyleList. "Where Gap was based in Friday, Saturday, Sunday before, elevating the (design of the) denim and the tops is really giving it a seven day a week feel."

Robinson, who has been Gap's executive vice president of global design for just two years, has been working to elevate the design for this household name. On Friday, he met with editors at Mialino in New York's Gramercy Park Hotel to discus the evolution of Gap's jeanswear. "We're even doing super-skinny for men in Europe," he adds with a laugh.

But back to the evolving concept, "We're starting now. This is the next evolution of Gap for me," Robinson continues. "If you're going to wear Gap on a date, wear Gap to dinner, wear Gap to work, you need clothes that are elevated in a very clean, modern, sexy way."

And coming next month, Gap's now take on pants. Remember khaki?