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Dear StyleList,

On a stroll through the streets of metropolitan Washington DC, you would witness a mosaic of fashion styles: The smartly suited K Street execs, the conservative Capitol Hill crowd, the U Street urban fashionistas, and the trendy college set. We may be all over the political map but we have at least one thing in common: We're serious about fashion.

The "bedhead" look rolls out at fall Fashion Week. Photos: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Hair: The summer look wouldn't be summery without the standard bronzy or blond highlights and lowlights. The newest and most surprising trend this season is the "bedhead," where the goal is to look like you weren't even trying to do your hair. (No surprise that this is found mostly on the younger set!) For those who prefer a more polished look, the Brazilian blowout has become a hot choice, according to Ashleigh Taylor, a stylist at the Corte Salon. This keratin-based treatment smoothes the hair and leaves it silky straight for about two months. "No chemical treatments needed and my clients can blow dry their hair super straight at home by themselves," Taylor said. "They love it!"

Lips: Though bright pink and bold are still deemed appropriate kissable couture, the biggest trend for lips this summer is barely-there. Whether they're nude lips, shimmery lips, or extra glossy, less is more.

Eyes: The sun-kissed look is always a summer staple, with a bronze glow matched by a smoky bronzed eye. For extra flair, ladies are adding a glittery glow to rim the eyes. Of course, the natural barefaced look is still quite popular - especially in these record-setting 100-degree days, when your "makeup face" can turn into a "makeup meltdown."

Katy Perry's patterned Minx nails. Photo: Jason Merritt, Getty Images.

Nails: Everywhere you look are press-on nails with a funky flair. "My business is booming lately," said Natasha Ray, certified Minxologist. "New and existing clients love the way that Minx looks on their hands, the low maintenance, and the funky colors and patterns." Some women have even taken to wearing Minx toenails. "They're a conversation starter and definitely attention grabbers," Ray said.

DC's main dish may be politics - but there is always a side of fashion. Capitol style seldom disappoints and always surprises.


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