Kathy Ireland's wig selection at Wigs.com. Photo: Wigs.com

You would think that an international supermodel who has graced the cover of "Sports Illustrated" a whopping 13 times would know how to model her own wigs, but that doesn't appear to be the case with Kathy Ireland.

Joining the likes of Raquel Welch and Jessica Simpson, the former model turned entrepreneur has teamed up with online wig retailer, wigs.com, to sell a collection of "celebrity" hairpieces.

The line includes nine styles -- five wigs and four clip-in hair extensions -- varying from long to short, blonde to brunette and curly to straight. And while some even include highlights to presumably give them a more natural look, many of the wigs come off looking anything but.

In a company press release, Ireland stated, "I speak with women at their happiest and their most vulnerable moments and I'm moved every time. I know how important a realistic look is to them. This is why I've teamed up with the creative leaders and executives at Jon Renau to create this amazing collection of wigs and extensions."

The release goes on to state, "the result was a stylish collection of effortless, natural looks that are as comfortable as they are fashionable."

Fashionable? Really?

If Ireland can't even make these wigs look good, we have to wonder: How would they look on the rest of us?

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