Gretchen Jones project runway season 8 episode 2

The winning look: a jumpsuit designed by Gretchen Jones. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Tourists, ready your cameras: The Calvin Klein Underwear models are going to have some company, courtesy of the season 8 "Project Runway" designers.

The episode 2 challenge involved creating a big look for an even bigger billboard in New York City's Times Square.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles asks the designers to create a look epitomizing the magazine's signature women to be displayed on a massive billboard.

What, no cover? The season 7 designers got one.

Cue the Photographer: Each designer also gets their work-in-progress featured in a Marie Claire photo shoot to help "sell" -- or kill -- their look with the judges. Tsk, tsk. "PR" is so copying "America's Next Top Model."

The Workroom Drama: Designer AJ Thouvenot won't help Casanova with his pattern. "I'm not going to sew it for you either," he says. Jason Troisi frets about being a "straight guy in gay man's world," but a bigger problem is that he needs remedial sewing class.

Some of the designers don't get the Marie Claire women: Den mother Peach Carr knocks off Barbie's sofa in preppy pink polka-dots. Meanwhile, eccentric Mondo Guerra is so lonely he cries. Sniff!

The Guest Judge:
Coles bewilders us by not spilling the beans that the billboard victory ensemble is going to be modeled by Coco Rocha. Talk about burying the news!

Who's In:
Designer Gretchen Jones gets top billing and Coco Rocha all to herself for creating a solid jumpsuit that the judges love. StyleList is a little bored with the competent but understated piece and even the designers think whimsical talent Valerie Mayen should have won for her Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Samantha Jones red-hot sophisticate dress. (Passing the crack pipe again judges?)

Who's Out: Troisi is let go for his poorly constructed "walk of shame" dress. Sadly, the judges also auf Nicholas D'Aurizio of New York City for a frumpy number that was "too much of everything."

RSVP, Please: Next week, designer Betsey Johnson is in the house as the contestants make clothes out of party favors. We're in!

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