Beyonce gold bodysuit performing stage hosiery shimmery

Beyoncé shimmies in shimmery, faux-glow hose. Photo: Getty Images

Hold on to your tiaras -- tan tights are the latest celebrity trend!

Best associated with beauty pageants and figure skating, tinted stockings are being worn by stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé, and French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the Daily Express reports.

And according to a new poll of 1,750 British women by Charnos hosiery, 81 percent preferred to wear tan tights rather than expose their bare legs in summer, according to the paper.

"In this hot weather women want the instant sun-kissed, polished effect," Charnos brand manager Alison Baines told the paper.

"They don't need to worry about 'faking it' or streaky pins, they can just pull on a pair of tights and go."

"Cosmetic hosiery" is also reportedly flying off the shelves.

Charnos told the Daily Express that they've seen a 20 percent sales increase in tan tights, while Marks & Spencer has reported a 28 percent increase in sheer toe-less styles.

Yikes. We're all for a faux glow, but if we start seeing figure skater tights paired with Daisy Dukes, heads are gonna roll.

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