A model at the Bronner Bros. International Hair and Beauty Show. Photo: Lauren Williams, AOL

Nothing screams beauty show quite like mile-high hairdos, pink and purple-streaked locks and long feathers stuck on the ends of eyelashes.

But if anyone can pull off these extreme looks and make them appear fashionable, it's the Bronner Bros. International Hair and Beauty Show which was held over the weekend in Atlanta.

Luckily, StyleList's sister site, Black Voices, was on hand to capture -- and partake in -- some of the fun.

Out of all the vendors at the show, women flocked to those selling weaves. Long strands of wavy, curly or straight are still a hot commodity -- especially those made of 100 percent Indian or Brazillian hair.

Experts shared important tips that any woman considering a weave should know, like not leaving them in for more than three months -- unless you like bald spots!

Those opting to grow their own hair were drawn to the "Real Silk" booth where VH1's reality star, Ahmad "Real" Givens, showed off his lengthy locks along with his new haircare line designed to help black women grow their own tresses to butt-reaching lengths.

We're not sure how many women can get their hair that long, but plenty were willing to try -- including a Black Voices representative who got her own "Real Silk" makeover.

Celebrity stylist, Derek J (starring in "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair") talked about the latest hair trends -- including women going short and experimenting more with bold colors. But who could focus on that after getting a glimpse of his shoes!

Finally, no beauty show is complete without the latest in makeup -- and fitting right into this extreme show were some pretty extreme colors and techniques. And did we mention feathers?

In other related news, even though weaves are all the rage, take a look at what they did to this supermodel's hair!