One great statement necklace, such as this style from Lanvin's spring/summer runway, is all you need to complete a hot weather look. Photo: Chris Moore, Catwalking/Getty Images

Now, believe us, here: We're not knocking summer.

The months of June, July, August and (part of) September are full of fun days at the beach, outdoor cocktail parties, flip flops, vacations and sweet little sundresses. We can picnic at the park, grill out every night, rock out at our favorite music festivals, drink beer at a baseball game, and devour summer faves like corn on the cob, watermelon and scoops and scoops of ice cream.

But summer also can be hot. And, sometimes, that can make our wardrobe choices tricky. We know to stick to easy, airy dresses, cute shorts, cropped pants, strappy sandals and flirty blouses. But what about the accessories? When even the weight of a tank top makes your deodorant work overtime, how do you choose jewelry that will leave you feeling stylish, not sweaty?

"Layering is a big trend, but that's a tough sell when it's really hot outside," says Mike Peissis, creative director of jewelry and gift retailer Spring Street. "You can also go the opposite direction and keep it simple in hot weather. One glamorous cocktail ring is really all you need, and the bigger, the better. "

Celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese says jewelry that works well in summer months includes lightweight long necklaces, short charm or pendant necklaces, thin bangles, fun statement rings and friendship or woven bracelets.

"Natural accents of coral, rock or shell are always fresh and summery," she adds.

Here are some tips on choosing jewelry that will keep you glistening in prettiness -- not perspiration.

A bold cocktail ring and gold hoop earrings -- these are from Spring Street -- are summer must-haves. Photo: Spring Street

  • Necklace Know-How: "The statement necklace continues to be an important trend, and there's no better time than the summer to throw on a tank top, a flirty skirt and one fabulous necklace," Peissis says. Albanese adds that "anything beaded and colorful," works for summer.
  • Just Say No: "Stay away from anything that's bulky or thick on the back of the neck," Albanese says. "When temps are high, this will add body heat."
  • Bangles -- Yay or Nay? "Yay for bangles," Albanese says. "Piled on and in all different shapes, styles and colors. I favor thinner styles because you can wear a lot without it looking or feeling bulky. What's great is that you can create this trend for cheap at stores like Forever 21 and H&M." Peissis agrees. "The more the merrier," he says. "Thin bangles in almost any material look super chic without being cumbersome."
  • Earring Report: "Nothing says summer better than a pair of chic gold hoops, Peissis says. "They look great with everything – especially this season's nautical trend." Albanese also says thin wire hoops are fresh for summer, adding that "turquoise-accented earrings are always nice because they add a pop of color when you're wearing white or pastels."
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