LEFT: Ant tights by Parisian brand Les Queues de Sardines by M+O, sold at Blue Tree. RIGHT: A ring from Bottega Veneta's scarab collection. Photos: Courtesy of Blue Tree | Net-a-Porter.com

Bugs are all over the fashion scene this fall. From faux lashes made from flies and tights embellished with ant designs, we've been bitten.

But where did all this buzz start?

A few designers may have been inspired by this video, in which British artist Jessica Harrison flaunts her custom-made "Flylashes." Harrison actually bred the flies in her studio, waited for them to die naturally, then used the fly legs to make her own false lashes, which she glued on with regular lash adhesive.

Here's a way to try the trend that's a little easier to stomach -- ants in your pants. Well, not exactly. The tights pictured above by Les Queues de Sardines by M+O are sold at actress Phoebe Cates' New York City shop Blue Tree, and give the illusion of hundreds of ants crawling up your legs. Plus, they look hot with sky-high platforms.

Jessica Harrison's fly-leg eye lashes.

"I've always loved a good bug as an iconic image -- from enamelled ladybug bracelets to scarab printed scarves and carved lucite bug and bee themed purses. It's an ongoing theme at Blue Tree. My 16-year-old daughter Greta found these tights in France and I have customers that love their style with a sense of humour," Cates told StyleList.

Looking for the one-size-fits-all manifestation of the entomological obsession? Jewelry, of course. We're loving Bottega Veneta's scarab collection for fall. The pieces were featured on their runway, and the rings, necklaces and giant cuffs, shown above, are sold at retailers like Net-a-Porter.com and Saks Fifth Avenue. Coming from a brand who's logo often includes a butterfly, we should have seen this insect invasion coming.