John Travolta thinning hair Ella Bleu Travolta The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre 41st Anniversary Gala

John Travolta driving around Beverly Hills (left) and two days later (with daughter Ella Bleu) at The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre's 41st Anniversary Gala (right). Photos: GSI Media | Kevin Winter, Getty Images

What a difference two days makes!

That's how long it took John Travolta to transform his patchy pate into a (relatively) full head of hair.

The Daily Mail reports that 56-year-old Travolta was seen driving around Beverly Hills on Aug. 5 revealing a little bit of skin -- his scalp: the actor's hair appeared to be thinning and seemed to be growing in patches.

But just two days later, the "Old Dogs" star was suddenly the mane man, turning up at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre 41st Anniversary Gala in Hollywood with thicker, darker locks.

"Unbeweavable," or perhaps a miracle? Hmm... We can't decide. We're just glad Travolta hasn't fallen victim to the latest male celebrity trend of wearing Justin Bieber bangs (shame on you, David Schwimmer).

Travolta has sported similar sudden hair growths in recent years, leading some to wonder whether he might be wearing wigs. The actor has yet to address the hairy situation. For now, at least, he's sweeping it under the rug.

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