woman driving in car wearing flip flops

Proceed with caution (and sans flip-flops.) Photo: Keri Pinzon, Getty Images

Let's get this straight. British drivers are distracted by sexy summertime outfits, nude billboards, makeup and high heels, and wearing flip-flops?

We think we'll stick to this side of the pond, thanks.

According to a new survey from Sainsbury's Car Insurance, nearly one in five UK drivers admitted to wearing flip-flops or going barefoot while behind the wheel in July, the Daily Express reports.

That's up by four percent from last year and, as you can imagine, not exactly the safest tactic, the paper reports.

"Your foot can slide out of the flip-flop, particularly while you are braking, and therefore slide off the pedal," Peter Rodgers, chief examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, warns the paper.

"It is also inadvisable to drive barefoot."

Just ask Fred Flintstone!

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