Vogue Italia The Latest Wave oil spill editorial

The dramatic cover of Italian Vogue's August issue. Photo: Italian Vogue

Italian Vogue is spilling more than just fashion news this month.

The magazine's August issue includes a controversial fashion spread inspired by the disastrous BP oil spill.

Titled "Water & Oil" and shot by lensman Steven Meisel, the shoot starring an oil-slicked Kristen McMenamy is stirring up plenty of drama in the Gulf, according to MSNBC.

Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani claims that the spread -- which casts the gray-tressed supermodel as a sort of wounded bird spitting up water in a feathered gown coated in oil -- is meant to make an environmental statement.

"The message is to be careful about nature," she told the AP. "Just to take care more about nature...

"I understand that it could be shocking to see and to look in this way these images."

But while some Gulf residents reportedly see the spread as a fair attack on BP, others say it's inappropriate and insensitive.

Vogue Italia The Latest Wave oil spill editorial

The statement-making shoot gives new meaning to oily skin. Photo: Italian Vogue

"I think they are making light of the oil spill," Florida resident Virgina Contreras told the source.

"Everyone isn't going to the beaches and people have lost their jobs here because of the oil."

McMenamy, washed ashore. Photo: Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue, via AP

What's your take? Is Italian Vogue making a mockery out of the oil spill, or is it making a powerful and provocative statement to illustrate the damage the spill has caused? Leave a comment!

Vogue Italia The Latest Wave oil spill editorial

Italian Vogue pushes the envelope in response to the BP oil spill. Photo: Italian Vogue

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