Kardashian Konfidential book cover height photoshopped kourtney kim khloe

"Kardashian Konfidential" book cover. Photo: St. Martin's Press

Apparently the Kardashians have no trouble keeping up with each other -- at least as far as their height is concerned.

On the pink-with-lipstick-prints jacket of their upcoming autobiography, "Kardashian Konfidential," Kourtney, 31, Kim, 29, and Khloe, 26, are, kuriously -- er, curiously -- all the exact same height!

This isn't the first time the Kardashians have leveled the playing field.

In July, the trio appeared in an ad for their Beach Bunny swimwear line, with 5-foot-10 Khloe looking only an eensy bit taller than 5-foot-2 Kourtney and 5-foot-3 Kim.

But on the "Kardashian Konfidential" kover (dammit, it's kontagious!), gentle giantess Khloe has been shrunken down even more so that she and her mini big sisters are all the same size.

People magazine reports
that the autobiography, which arrives in bookstores Nov. 23, will include stories about the reality stars turned entrepreneurs' childhoods -- including memories of their late father, OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian -- as well as their beauty and style secrets.

No word on whether that includes finding a good Photoshop artist.

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