The Heavenly Delights collection. Courtesy Photo

If the loose messiness of mineral makeup has turned you off in the past, you'll want to take a second look at Pür Minerals.

The natural mineral makeup line is entirely pressed, and is light on the mica, which many brands add to give you a glow that often results in grease-slicked shine for oilier skins instead. Vitamin E and shea butter are added for a creamy finish.

And many of the products double as color that can be applied anywhere on the face.

"We're a value-driven product. We try to be very conscious of the multi-tasking woman, and give her easy solutions that don't take much time," says Julie Campbell, who is vice president of marketing for parent company Astral Brands.

Sounds good to us; we could use the extra minutes to perfect our funky french manicure.

For fall, the certified cruelty-free line is introducing two kits with glosses that resident makeup artist Jackie Gomez says are especially perfect for more mature lips.

"The new lipgloss for fall is softer and not as shimmery. Older women don't have to be afraid of trying it, because the finish is perfectly appropriate and pretty on everyone," Gomez tells StyleList.

(We hear that Gomez uses the products on a certain "Single Lady" as well as a bevy of lingerie catalog beauties.)

Earthly Treasures features rich shades inspired by precious metals and sun-baked clays that are perfect for yellow-toned skins who want to ride the season's earthen metallic trend.

The Earthly Treasures collection. Courtesy Photo

Meanwhile, Heavenly Delights is an illuminating collection of airy pinks and neutrals that work great as a soft day look that you can intensify with liner and several coats of mascara by night.

Both kits are available in Ulta stores, Dillard's stores and online.

And no need to buy multiple foundation products for different coverage; Campbell tells us that makeup brushes you proably already have are all you need to vary the coverage.

"A dense, chisel brush will give you fuller coverage if you swipe across the product and then draw circles into the cap so that the makeup gets into the bristles. For concealer, use a smaller brush to intensify the coverage," says Campell.

"And for the lightest dusting, use a fluffy powder brush all over your face."

We love beauty tricks that call for stuff we already have in our over-flowing beauty drawers.