Julia Roberts Elle Jennifer Lopez Glamour Jennifer Aniston Harper's Bazaar September 2010 magazine covers

Julia Roberts on Elle (left), Jennifer Lopez on Glamour (center), and Jennifer Aniston on Harper's Bazaar (right). Photos Alexei Hay for Elle | courtesy of Glamour | courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Judging by the September issues of the fashion glossies, being over 40 definitely doesn't equal being over the hill.

Harper's Bazaar features 41-year-old Jennifer Aniston, Elle is fronted by 42-year-old Julia Roberts, and Vogue's cover girl is Halle Berry, who turns 44 this Saturday. And did we mention that 41-year-old Jennifer Lopez is looking mighty fierce on Glamour?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it's a sign that our youth-obsessed culture might be ending as aging A-listers become more appealing.

"They're cool, fashionable, interesting, compelling -- they have something to say," Harper's Bazaar projects /features director Laura Brown told the publication. "I love that they've grown into their style. One of the things about getting older is you do grow into your sense of self. You don't look victim-y anymore."

More magazine editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour agrees, saying that stars like Aniston, Roberts, and Berry have "real style, real staying power, real beauty. As the American population continues to grow older, everyone can relate better to a woman with a little wear on her tires."

Seymour doesn't have such praise for the legion of young reality stars and pop tarts who have managed to steal the spotlight. "Britney Spears? Kim Kardashian? These are flashes in the pan," she told the Hollywood Reporter.

"Many are shallow reality stars like Snooki. Style icon? Um, talk to me in a year. Frankly, it's here today, gone tomorrow. Lindsay Lohan? What's to look up to?"

Speaking of Roberts, check out the short-shorts she wore to the "Eat, Pray, Love" premiere!