Jeans EXTILE Elizabeth and James Resin

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James | Resin

Doesn't it seem like the fashion industry is consistently flooded with new denim lines? Finding the good ones can be a challenge -- especially if you decide to splash out and treat yourself to a pair of $100-and-up premium jeans. Here are the new lines to know about this season and what makes them special. (And if you are in the market for something a little less expensive, be sure to see this list of the best jeans under $40.)

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James
The Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen-designed denim label launched in the spring with just three jeans styles. The 1960s and 1970s-inspired fall collection is more serious business, promising a full denim collection with eight fits in multiple washes, cords, and tops including distressed sweats and T-shirts, chunky sweaters and flannels. Hitting the racks in mid-September at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Intermix, a piece or two will set you back a bit, ranging from $155 to $255 for jeans. The jeans are hand finished and produced in Los Angeles, made with super high-end Japanese denim fabric. Look for a men's collection, too.

Resin, a chemical that has been used in creating denim washes for the last 10 years, is what revolutionized the industry and allowed designers to experiment with new washes. That's why Paper, Denim & Cloth's Chris Gilbert and denim designer Chantel Valentene set out to launch a new jeans line, called Resin last spring. For fall, the company has expanded its mix to include deeper, darker washes in new colors like green and burgundy. "We try to push classic washes without sacrificing comfort," Valentene told StyleList. Resin can be found at Barneys New York and Fred Segal stores. They retail from $128 to $200 a pair.

Jeans OTR Skinny Rag & Bone/JEAN James Icon

OTR Skinny | Rag & Bone/JEAN | James Icon

Anlo owners Jenna and David Lonstein just launched O*T*R (standing for Off The Record) for fall. The collection, Jenna tells StyleList, offers "more fashion and edgier styles and washes" than its sister label. O*T*R also sells for a lower price point, ranging from $99 to $136. "Anlo has a loyal customer base and we did not want to alter what has been working," Jenna said. "Therefore, we thought the best solution was to create a new line from scratch." Check out O*T*R at and

Rag & Bone/JEAN
Last season David Neville and Marcus Wainwright of Rag & Bone found it necessary to break out their highly sought-after basics into its own collection called Rag & Bone/JEAN. The collection of three styles -- a skinny, available in eight washes; a straight-leg in five, and a stiletto boot cut in five washes -- has been so successful that this fall the company has expanded its mix into new categories called Rag & Bone/KNIT and Rag & Bone/SHIRT to go along with the jeans. Rag & Bone opened a much-gabbed about store in downtown Manhattan recently, but you can also find their wares online at and Nordstrom. They sell $170 to $225 -- expensive, but not as expensive as the brand's main line.

James ICON
James Jeans' founder and creative director Seun Lim can't wait to introduce her newest venture this fall. It's called James ICON, a collection that focuses on denim and everything that goes with it -- knits in rich wool blends, cotton T-shirts, and even leather and fur jackets made with some of the most intricate detailing. "The line is targeted for women who are not only fashion-forward but are the trendsetting leaders conveying style and taste," Lim told StyleList. The James ICON line is hitting stores like Olive & Bette's in New York and Madison in Los Angeles now. It retails from $160 to $220.

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