bandage dress Fall 2010 Herve Leger runway

A model wears the body-con bandage dress trend on the Fall 2010 Hervé Léger runway. Photo: J. Graylock/

You may not be an easy lover, but try telling that to your sexy body-con dress.

The form-fitting garment has been named by men as the most promiscuous item of clothing in a new poll from, Grazia reports.

That's why we've been getting so many free drinks lately.

The body-con dress won 57 percent of the vote when men were asked which trend made women look most promiscuous, according to the magazine.

So what makes it so darn skanky?

According to 65 percent of men polled, women who wear body-con items are "purposefully showing off" their bodies, while one in five reportedly said that girls who wear them are "trying to draw attention to themselves."

You don't say. Ladies, seriously -- do we really want to date these boneheads?

But the body-con isn't the only slutty item in our closets.

Rounding out the naughty top 10 were crop tops (53 percent), corsets (51 percent), lace (45 percent), underwear as outerwear (43 percent), pencil skirts (38 percent), knee-high boots (32 percent), stilettos (29 percent), miniskirts (22 percent), and hipster jeans (19 percent), Grazia reports.

So, um, what exactly are we allowed to wear then, boys? A nun's habit?

The poll reportedly also found that 24 percent of men "wouldn't allow" their girlfriend or wife to wear something they disapproved of on an evening out.

Good one, fellas. We'd just like to see you try.

Meanwhile, another poll has found that women try on more than 21,000 items of clothing in a lifetime.