model runway jeggings Twenty8Twelve show London Fashion Week Fall 2009

A model walks the runway in jeggings at the Twenty8Twelve show during London Fashion Week Fall 2009. Photo: Mike Marsland, WireImage

There's a lot we'd trust Wall Street with (hahahahaha -- almost got through that with a straight face), but fashion advice? Please.

So it should come as no surprise that in a new "back to school" fashion guide issued by Goldman Sachs, jeggings are gonna be red-hot this fall, Business Insider reports.

God help those poor little bankers' offspring!

The denim leggings -- which have pretty much been the bane of our fashion-obsessed existence since they first surfaced -- were listed along with the military look and "prints and plaids from last year" as this season's most covetable trends, according to the source.

Whatever you say, guys. But the last time we saw someone rock the ROTC lumberjack look at school, he got shoved into a locker.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you're playing the stock market), it seems the fashion report may have been issued for purposes of analyzing market trends rather than delivering sartorial advice, we hope.

After all, you don't see this sort of "style commentary" over at Vogue:

"Driven by persistent hot temperatures, sales of classic B2S long denim have been weak," the Goldman Sachs report said, according to Benzinga.

"If the weather doesn't start to cool down, analysts expect that inventory could begin to build and pressure margins."

Ooh, we love it when those bankers talk dirty. But stay out of our closets, will ya?

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