Naeem Khan Timeless Collection for HSN animal print dress caftan poncho

Himalayan Silk Caftanette, $297 (left), Goa Silk Sequin Triangular Top, $300 (center), and Himalayan Long Silk Caftan, $380 (right), all from Naeem Khan's Timeless Collection for HSN, available at Photos courtesy of HSN

Indian-born American fashion designer Naeem Khan has dressed high-profile celebrities including Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Carrie Underwood.

At the New York City premiere of "Eat, Pray, Love," Khan spoke exclusively to StyleList about his Eat, Pray, Love Timeless Collection for HSN, which includes India-inspired items such as a sequined clutch and silk caftan, and, of course, the pretty woman of the hour, Julia Roberts.

StyleList: Have you read "Eat, Pray, Love"?
Naeem Khan: I read the book.

SL: What is the inspiration for your HSN Eat, Pray, Love Timeless 13-piece collection?
NK: It's about the journey and life, it's about your heart, it's about having the aspiration of making things happen in the world, and it's a global village.

SL: How has
Julia Roberts inspired your Eat, Pray, Love collection?
NK: Julia Roberts is only a vehicle. I mean you have to look at what is the meaning of the movie.

SL: What do you mean? Julia Roberts is a style icon.
NK: It's Julia Roberts, of course. It's like when you worship a god. You're not looking at the statue, you have to look at the meaning. Julia Roberts is the figure plus the journey.

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