She bangs. Photo: Getty Images

Whether you have long or short hair, bangs can be flattering and cute with just about any hairstyle.

But let's face it, sometimes we just can't stand them.

Whether you don't like the way they stick to your forehead or you want to grow them out, our "bangs expert" shares her favorite tips on how to style them, pull them back and get creative with those short strands.

"Think of bangs as an accent piece or accessory to your hairstyle," said celebrity hair stylist Kristan Serafino. "The hair around the face acts as directional arrows to accentuate the feature you love most about your face . As an example, if you love your eyes, then style your bangs to say sultry, playful or savvy!"

No doubt, there are an infinite number of cut, color or style combinations to consider with bangs. For example heavy fringe, textured ends, short and sassy or sweeping. They are also a great way to change your style between haircuts. "The rule of thumb is to highlight your look with your bang treatment, then wear your hair with confidence," said Serafino.

As great as they can look though, some women -- especially in the sultry summertime months -- can't stand the limp strands clinging to their forehead. Even though the point of having bangs is to have hair touch the skin in order to create softness around the face, if a women hates that, the best temporary fix is to sweep them to the side.

To get this side-swept look, Serafino recommends applying a strong mousse to wet hair. Then use a large round brush when drying to act as a make-shift curling iron, gently drying the bangs away from the face. Repeat until hair is dry. Control the extent of the sweep by raking your fingers though fringe to create soft texture. Finish with a firm-hold hair spray.

At the fall shows, bangs were twisted and pinned back at Nanette Lepore, hidden under a headband at Karl Lagerfeld, and center-parted and side-swept at Vera Wang. Photos: Getty Images

Other stylish ways Serafino recommends to pull bangs back include:

The Baby Doll -- Use a bobby pin or cute barrette to pin bangs with a side sweep. The lower the sweep the more provocative the look.

Flirty & Fun -- A headband or bandanna will keep bangs off of the face leaving a relaxed look.

The Snooki -- Tease bangs back, then smooth from front to back using a comb while pulling your bangs and hair towards the crown of your head. Hold it in place with a bobby pin at the scalp.

The Twist -- Twist bangs then lay them to the side along the scalp line and secure with a bobby pin.

"What I always grab from my secret bag of tricks for the elimination of sticky frizzy fringe is Jonathan Product Straightening lotion," added Serafino. "This lotion provides hair with the control and manageability to deal with annoying or unruly bangs."

You can also have subtle highlights or low lights added to your bangs for a fresh new look. And when all else fails, use your sunglasses as a quick-fix accessory to keep those strands back.

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