Garnier Heat-Activated Perfect-It Cream. Courtesy photo

We get excited when drugstore bargain brands knock off luxury beauty trends.

So it was with intrigue that we perused Garnier's new goodies at their recent fall product launch event a top New York's Empire Hotel rooftop. The temps may have been steamy (it was blazing 95 degree day), but the prices were even hotter.

The Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector instantly caught our attention. While it does not contain the same technology of one of the popular new – and expensive – Brazilian treatments currently flooding the market, it does play on the same eternal quest for frizz-free locks for a bargain buy of $11.99 a kit.

The two-part single use package includes a smoothing serum that should be left on damp hair for 20 minutes before rinsing. You then apply the Heat-Activated Perfect-It Cream throughout hair to seal in the deal as you blow dry or flat iron as you regularly would.

The purported claim? You'll enjoy faster, sleeker and frizz-resistant locks for up to seven shampoos as hair slowly returns to its pre-treated state.

Garnier says the magic is due to the cysteine protein that loosens the chemical bonds that cause frizz, as well as rice oil, which seals in weightless smoothness. The experts say the treatment works best on medium to thick hair.

Garnier Ultra-Lift products. Courtesy photo

For skin, Garnier is offering the pricy technology of retinol – which can often hit above $30 even in the drugstore market – in a full line of Ultra-Lift moisturizers, eye cream and wrinkle treatments that all retail for $14.99 a pop.

The skin savers are formulated add fortifying rice protein and firming argan extract to the pro-retinol, with SPF 15 protection in the day cream.

Colored hair types who are tired of dropping mucho cash at the salon now have the option of a full Garnier Fructis Color Shield regime to choose from, that offers safe cleansing and conditioning for $3.99 a bottle, as well as a Color Sealer Lightweight Leave-In for $5.99.

All of the products contain popular antioxidant acai berry for a brilliant shine, as well as grape seed oil and UV filters to protect and replenish locks.

Garnier Anti-Dandruff and Fortifying Shampoos. Courtesy photo

If flakes or an itchy, dry scalp have you down, Garnier is debuting an Anti-Dandruff line that removes the medicinal look of traditional white-and-blue bottles and instead replaces them with sleek silver packaging and a fresh scent.

Active ingredient zinc heals and keeps flakes at bay, and the line offers traditional shampoos as well as an Intense Clean shampoo made with scrub beads and a two-in-one that's perfect for the boys.

And if you're oily-skinned, yet in search of deep hydration that won't break you out, Garnier's new Moisture Rescue products are worth checking out.

The soothing tubes contain an oil-free formula that hydrates and treats with the antioxidant protection of grape water and apple water extract, as well as vitamin E.

There's a Refreshing Gel-Cream, Lightweight UV-Lotion and Fresh Cleansing Foam to choose from, all priced from $5.99 to $7.99.

While we're not sure what fall fashions we'll be picking up yet, one thing's for sure: a good part of our bathroom is going green.