Katy Perry Rolling Stone September 2010 cover underwear

Katy Perry smolders in next to nothing on the cover of Rolling Stone. But is the image au naturel? Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Bust out the rainbow wigs and the Daisy Dukes, ladies!

According to a new poll from the Good Surgeon Guide, teenage girls would most like to look like the "Teenage Dream" singer Katy Perry, the company reports.

Perry received 69 percent of the vote, while British singer Frankie Sandford (64 percent), Cheryl Cole (61 percent), Beyoncé (57 percent), Britney Spears (54 percent), WAG Abbey Clancy (53 percent), Fergie (51 percent), Nicole Scherzinger (48 percent), Victoria Beckham (46 percent), and Rihanna (44 percent) reportedly rounded out the top 10.

But while Perry may be a pretty face, teens aren't fooled by her photo shoots.

In the poll of 1,078 girls, 87 percent assumed that the majority of celebrity images were airbrushed, though 62 percent admitted that they would still like to look like their favorite stars, the plastic surgery website says.

Is that before or after the Photoshopping?

And as for which stars appear to get the most airbrushing help, Britney Spears -- who was in fact retouched for her Candie's ads -- took 71 percent of the vote, followed closely by Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry, Keira Knightley, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Oh, kids -- so complicated.

An overwhelming 62 percent of teens reportedly also claimed that most female celebs had undergone at least one cosmetic procedure. Noooooo!

"Although we are all aware that airbrushing happens, it doesn't stop us beating ourselves up for not looking like the women in the magazines," Good Surgeon Guide founder Christiana Clogg says in the release.

"Celebrities are role models for adults as well as teenagers; they have a responsibility to the public to be honest, as do the publications that feature them."

And perhaps a few fashion retailers too? Hint hint, Ann Taylor?

Meanwhile, read Emily Blunt's anti-airbrushing statements.