Project Runway designer Andy South winning Epi 3 design

Andy South's winning "PR" look. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

A party in the "Project Runway" workroom creates a true fashion victim, but like so many morning-after stories, the drama may be completely exaggerated.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: Contestants must create an unconventional look with $100 of this-and-that from NYC's Party Glitters store (but no tablecloths, please!).

The Workroom Drama: Casanova is shredding stuffed party animals and working with a verboten tablecloth. Two-time challenge winner Gretchen Jones plays guest from hell and wears out her welcome. Mentor Tim Gunn discovers a product called "woolly balls" and cracks himself up.

The models show up carrying "gift bags" and inform the contestants that they must transform these not-so-welcome favors into an accessory to match their garments. Who invited them anyway?

The Guest Judge: Whimsical Betsey Johnson continues her Aug. 10 birthday celebration but didn't bring swag-filled goody bags. Still, StyleList forgives and appreciates her celebratory runway twirl and inspired description of Valerie Mayen's should-have-won cocktail number as an "instant, napkin, face-wipe dress" perfect for dim sum. We're coming to your next bash.

Who's In: Andy South makes the cut with a one-shoulder dress he fashioned from hand-twisted ribbons. Johnson calls it "too beautiful" but StyleList saw other workroom designers help the slowpoke finish. We're telling Heidi Klum.

Who's Out: California designer Sarah Trost is let go for bringing a boring plastic palm-tree dress to the party -- a surprise since the judges did not fall in love with Casanova's tragic parade-float gown.

The Late Arrival: After 88 minutes of show, the "designer collapses" drama that Lifetime teased all day finally transpires. Ivy Higa is shown in a Parsons hallway getting oxygen from paramedics and mumbling that she fainted.

hopes she revives to sew another day, but honestly, we were kind of hoping the "crack-smoking judges" rolled a beer ball into the workroom and things got crazy.

Higa leaves on a stretcher and the show abruptly ends. Guess that means we're supposed to watch episode 4.

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