Elle Macpherson looking amazing at a "Britain's Next Top Model" party this summer. Photo: Dave Hogan, Getty Images

Oh, to have the genes -- and wear the jeans -- of a supermodel.

Gisele Bündchen? She swears her baby weight just fell off. Heidi Klum? The "Project Runway" host seems to go straight from the delivery room to the Victoria's Secret runway.

And now, '80s icon Elle Macpherson says she never diets and basically eats like a horse.

Well, isn't that super?

The 47-year-old known as The Body tells Australia's Sky News she "loves food far too much" to diet.

"My worst habit is eating too much -- I eat like it's going out of fashion really," Macpherson, who has an intimates company, tells the site.

"But I stay active with things like water-skiing and horse riding, and I guess that keeps the weight off."

So, what's the mother of Arpad, 12, and Aurelius, 7, feasting on?

"I tend to snack on whatever me and the boys have left over from our regular weekly menu," she tells the site.

"So that'll be a bit of chicken from Wednesday night's dinner, steak from Thursday night, fish from Friday, and so on."

Macpherson is back in the public eye and in front of the camera, serving as the host of "Britain's Next Top Model."

"The thing I found most difficult was when there were six or seven cameras around and I automatically go into model mode," she told London's Daily Mail last month.

"Yet I shouldn't be worried about what I look like -- I really have to worry about what the girls look like."

But she's not worrying too much. Macpherson tells Sky News she simply enjoys eating too much to give up her favorite foods.

"I'm naturally the curvy type, and I'm more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking super slim," she says.

Yikes -- if she's not super slim, what hope is there for us mere mortals?

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