Hermes J'aime Mon Carre I Love My Scarf website

Square off: Meet J'aime Mon Carré (or "I Love My Scarf") -- a new sit from Hermès. Photo: Hermès

If you've ever received a silk scarf, chances are you've wondered how to wear it -- particularly those of the square variety. Well, wonder no more: Enter J'aime Mon Carré, or in English, "I Love My Scarf."

A series of street-style shots akin to The Sartorialist or Art of the Trench, the newest Polaroid-bordered fashion snaps are curated via an unlikely source: Hermès (yes, of the $80,000 handbag).

The storied French fashion house has had a bit of a reboot, now appealing to a younger crowd -- and taking their styling tips, too. Every photo features an inventive, out-of-the-box way to wear the designer silk square.

Marketing ploy or pure art? Most likely a little bit of both, as the site was launched to introduce a limited-edition line of scarves that will be offered at Colette in Paris in September -- just in time for Paris Fashion Week.

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