Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks addresses "ANTM" ultra-skinny model video. Photo: Getty Images

Did Tyra Banks really think she could get away with praising a wasp-waisted "America's Next Top Model" contestant without being criticized? Fat chance!

Now Banks is giving fans the skinny on what she really thinks of the controversy.

"In an effort to create a fun and entertaining sneak peek of the upcoming cycle, 'America's Next Top Model' released a trailer that was edited in [a] way that misconstrued our overarching message," Banks said in a statement to People magazine, adding that she hadn't seen the clip before it was released to the public.

"On behalf of the Top Model team, these were not the intentions, and we truly apologize for any confusion, anger, or disappointment it may have caused."

In the offending trailer for the 15th cycle of the supermodel-search series -- which premieres Sept. 8 on the CW network -- Banks is seen gushing over alarmingly thin 6'2" model Anna, who claims to have the world's smallest waist.

"There's something about her I like," enthuses Banks, while judge Jay Manuel cracks wise about a diet of Tic Tacs and watercress.

"The jokes of my fellow judges connected with my edited sound bite sounded like I was supporting unhealthy eating habits," Banks writes on her site.

"This has never and will NEVER be the case -- I am and will always be committed to promoting healthy body image."

In fact, Banks says that during the upcoming season, she helps Ann come to terms with the "internal struggles with her body, and the cruelty she faces on a daily basis directly related to the way she looks... I offered her the same level of support and encouragement I've extended to all younger women that have opened up to me."

Banks can relate to their battle to accept their bodies. As she told People, "I have experienced body image scrutiny from one extreme to the next –- as an awkward, extremely thin pre-teen who couldn't gain weight no matter what I did, to later being slammed by the media for my fuller, curvier frame."

That's why Banks is trying to expose both the media and viewers to different perceptions of beauty.

"I have always celebrated uniqueness and encourage women, myself included, to accept and embrace their own bodies -- flaws and all!" she says on her site.

"Whether it's exaggerated curves (or lack thereof), bee-sting boobies, a juicy booty, or a big ole' forehead (eh-hem) -- it's about rocking what we've got."

Can I get an amen -- with a side of fries, please!

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