Keith Johnson Anthopologie

"Man Shops Globe" star Keith Johnson (left) with designer Anna Sui (right). Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Anna Sui really wanted to go to Uzbekistan.

Invited to travel to with Keith Johnson, Anthopologie buyer-at-large and host of the Sundance Channel's "Man Shops Globe," the designer revealed her dream destination.

"I really wanted to go to Uzbekistan – I have a cousin who has traveled there, but it was going to still be too cold in March," Sui told StyleList. "My cousin suggested Syria, and Keith thought it would be a good idea."

The duo made for great traveling partners who were charming and sometimes funny in the resulting episode, which airs Aug. 18 but was previewed for a select group of customers at Anthropologie's headquarters in Philadelphia's Navy Yard complex.

Syria is not exactly a hotbed of Western tourism, which made it an interesting destination, Johnson told StyleList. "I was a little bit concerned because our countries haven't always been the best of friends," he said.

"My experience is that whatever the politics might be, you can always connect with the people over shopping and food."

Sui added that she was a huge fan of the Berber scarves. "They are silk and silk-screened by hand," she said, unwrapping a blue scarf from her neck. "This one has birds on it and is very beautiful."

Keith Johnson

A display of pieces by various artists Keith has found during his travels around the world. The paper bird sculpture (left) is a piece by Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

She recounted how a local woman wearing a similar scarf on her head stopped in front of Sui, took the scarf from her neck, and adjusted it on her head, showing her how to do it in Syrian fashion without saying a word.

After scouring the markets in Aleppo and Damascus for things like inlaid mother-of-pearl tables and tin canteens turned vases, is there anything Sui and Johnson missed? "I want to go back and buy jewelry," Sui admitted.

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