We've been following the evolution of Gucci's forthcoming fragrance, Gucci Guilty for months now, so we're pretty jazzed that the trailer for the television commercial is out. Yes, you read right -- a trailer for a TV commercial.

It stars a smokin' hot Evan Rachel Wood and Gucci comrade Chris Evans.

(We can't help but point out that if the two were to marry Wood's name could be Evan Evans, but we digress).

The "film" as Gucci calls it, was directed by Frank Miller of "Sin City" fame, with a soundtrack by Friendly Fires. It's a cross between animation, film noir and a graphic novel, and it looks intriguing -- not to mention steamingly sexy.

See the trailer below, and stay tuned as StyleList reports live from the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, where Gucci will debut the full 60 second commercial spot...in 3D.

Can't wait for the fragrance to hit our shores? It's already on sale at Harrods in London.