jason schwartzman kissed by michael cera

Michael Cera leaves his mark on Jason Schwartzman. Photo: PacificCoastNews

What happens when our two biggest geek crushes get together? Magic, baby.

Actor Jason Schwartzman looks to be having a bromance of sorts with "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" co-star Michael Cera after flashing a telltale autographed lipstick print in London today.

Color us jealous.

The mustachioed Schwartzman -- who is married and expecting a child with his wife, by the way (phew!) -- flashed the pink-red pout as he left his hotel in London, where he and Cera are in town for the film's UK premiere.

As to why Cera decided to pucker up and leave a trail of evidence in the process? Well, that's anyone's guess.

Still, we'd say that luscious lip print is the hottest temporary tat we've seen all week. Homeboy can slay our exes any time he wants.

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