Photo: Fame Pictures

While most pop stars are eager to go platinum, Ke$ha has gone gold with a shiny new dental addition that would make Flava Flav proud.

The 23-year-old performer was spotted in New York on Monday showing off a very noticeable change to her right canine tooth – her very, very gold right canine tooth.

Decked out in a wide-brimmed black hat, aviator sunglasses, an LBD and printed silver shawl, the usually eccentric Ke$ha appeared darn near conservative until she flashed the gold.

Fresh off a successful performance on the "Today Show" last week, the "Your Love is My Drug" singer will roll across the bridge to Camden, New Jersey on Wednesday to perform at the Susquehanna Bank Center. She's also celebrating three MTV Video Music Award nominations – perhaps the gold implant was a self-congratulatory gift.

Ke$ha's grin made news earlier this month when she sported a blue-painted pout to Casio's Shock the World 2010 event. Wonder how the icy hue will look now paired with her semi-precious tooth?

And speaking of blue lipstick, would you ever wear it yourself? We contemplate that very question, here.