Julia Roberts wore a slicked-back 'do at a recent promotional appearance for "Eat Pray Love." Photo: Getty Images

Those end-of-the-summer pool parties, picnics and barbeque's are all great fun, but figuring out what to do with your hair may not be. What is the best look to withstand the water, heat and humidity, yet still look chic and stylish?

Celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino says the first step is to work with the environment. "We all wish for that magic wand that we could instantly wave and then whoosh... a hot sticky summer day gives way to a cool summer breeze," she said. "The reality is we must dig into our secret bag of tricks to achieve the looks we love."

Because the way our hair reacts to the environment can vary wildly, it's important to know how to embrace the organic change, enhance your hair's natural shape and compensate for the influence of humidity, heat and wind. Doing so can be easier than you think.

Here are Serafino's top styles for any outdoor event that will keep you looking fresh and party ready!

Short Hair
Simply Irresistible: Nothing screams sexy confidence like short slicked-back hair! Apply a gel to wet hair then comb it back naturally.
Frizzy Funky: Let hair dry naturally then enhance the ends with a little pomade to achieve separation and texture.
Rock-n-Rolla: Go crazy...use my favorite paste Dirt, by Jonathan Product, to add funk to your hair! Play with its style until it screams rock star chic.

Shoulder-Length Hair
Ballerina: Ponytail hair at base of neck. Then twist the remaining hair into a small chignon and secure with bobby pin.
Jackie O: Grab a bold fabulous scarf and tie around your head securing at the base of the neck.
Half and Half: Want hair off your face yet still down? Take the front section of your hair, sweep it to the side then secure with a bobby pin.

Long Hair
Sleek Pony Tail: When tying back the hair in a ponytail, make sure to raise your head up while securing the band. By looking up you eliminate that gapping hair underneath the band. Leave the pony straight and accessorize with a pretty flower.
Beachy Diva: Nothing says outdoor sexy like beachy looking hair. Let hair dry naturally and add some soft waves by scrunching with a blow dryer when it's almost dry. Often the best look is your natural texture exposed to the elements.
Flatten the Frizz: The only way to securely flatten those cuticles is with a flat iron and a dab of Salon Tech Silicone 450. By sealing the cuticle this locks out the frizz and allows you to wear a sleek and straight style -- perfect for wrapping a fun scarf around!

No matter what style you choose, remember the products you choose are equally as important. "A styling tip that I use on outside photo shoots, as well as celebrity red carpet events is a Jonathan Dry Shampoo," said Serafino. "Regardless of the weather, the dry shampoo keeps the scalp cleansed and the hair refreshed, therefore allowing for hair to stay voluminous and sexy in any outdoor condition."

Above all, Serafino says stop complaining about the effect of horrid humid days of summer on your hair and own the look!

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