project runway michael costello red phillip treacy hat model bronze wrap dress

Michael Castello's winning look. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

The cat with the hats, designer Philip Treacy, arrives to test the over-the-top topper trend on "Project Runway." StyleList considers this the sincerest form of flattery, since we tried it first in New York City.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: Contestants must create a garment worthy of being worn with one of Treacy's work-of-art hats. Designers be warned: Treacy considers matchy-match outfits "old hat," and he can always replace you with his aspiring intern Lady Gaga.

Fashionably Late: Ivy Higa, who fainted on episode 3, returns from being treated for dehydration at the ER, where she was inspired to base her next design on "the hospital curtains." StyleList is dying to see her intravenous-bag dress.

The Workroom Drama: Tim Gunn accuses Casanova of knocking off 1998 Donna Karan. Kristin Simms gets all hot and bothered working with a delicate Treacy orchid hat. It reminds her of "big vaginas" and her wedding. No comment.

Michael Costello is off to such a messy start with his hat-spiration evening gown that Gunn advises him to tear it apart instead of make it work. Higa says such nasty things about Costello's impending fashion disaster that StyleList misses her gurney.

The Guest Judge: Treacy personally helps the models dress for the runway show and inspects each coordinating design up close. Hats off to the invested jurist!

Kissed by a Rose: Heidi Klum floats onto the runway in a whimsical Treacy bloomed-rose hat while husband Seal serenades her with piped-in music. It's so eau de barf, but the blossom hat is so delicate and sublime!

Who's In: Jaws drop as the judges declare impish Costello the winner for a last-minute, cinnamon-hued goddess-of-the-sea dress. Treacy calls the shimmering gown "perfection," and Michael Kors gushes about how "effortless" it looks.

Backstage, Higa is cursing and the rest of the baffled designers seem to be thinking what StyleList is thinking: Where, exactly, did the judges hide the crack pipes this week? Did they miss Michael Drummond's warrior-farmer frock that made Treacy swoon about his "obvious talent"?

Who's Out: Simms gets booted for her blooming, black-satin, private-parts dress styled with "matchy-match" toenails and flower shoes, a sad ensemble that Treacy said somehow made his fragile flower hat less beautiful.

Time to call Gaga.

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