Is it time for Kate Gosselin to return to dressing like a mom? Photo: Splash News

Has Kate Gosselin been cutting costs and borrowing clothes from her twin girls' closet?

As our friends over at PopEater point out, her style has gone from suburban mom to tween-scenester this summer.

Gosselin's been rocking some wilds prints, strapless dresses, short shorts and backless shirts with stripper-esque high heels. Sure, she's single and on the prowl, but this 35-year-old cougar seems to be forgetting that she is also somebody's (eight somebodies to be exact) mother.

"Judging by Kate's recent style change, it looks like her cougar instincts are starting to take over and her quest for a younger man is in full effect. Her zebra ensemble she was taped in was enough to make me throw up my Cheerios!" says Jay Grdina, CEO of celebrity website "I have watched Kate go from the average midwest mom with mousy hair and a sweet belly pooch to an extension wearing wannabe Britney Spears! It was bad enough having to live through the Jon "Ed Hardy" era, now we all have to suffer through the Kate 'Cougar' era ... UGH, I quit. Either someone tosses her into a conservatorship or we will most likely be seeing the Kate Gosselin sex tape on shelves soon!"

Even her makeup has gotten to be a little too much. For that, though, we can probably blame Gosselin's stint on "Dancing With the Stars." Once you start with the shimmer pot, it is hard to stop.

"There's definitely become a new emphasis in Kate's look. I don't know whether the heavy makeup she's been donning lately is making her look younger, but it is sending a clear message. Generally, woman even without children don't go jogging with smoky eyes. Kate hit her workout with a full evening face on. Most women with young children find it difficult to just do the basics. Sultry eyes, glossy lips and hair extensions? That's a check list for a Hollywood starlet, not a mom of eight," said makeup and style expert Megan O'Brien, proprietor of Meg's Makeup.

But maybe we should cut the woman a break. She is single and looking for love. Is she supposed to catch a man wearing polos and mom jeans? Probably not the kind of guy with enough bank to support eight kids.

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