Betty Draper does '60s casual. Photo courtesy of AMC

Boy oh boy have we missed Betty Draper.

In the last couple of episodes of "Mad Men" the focus has shifted away from Don Draper's jaw-dropping ex-wife, played by January Jones, leaving us feeling empty and longing for her perfectly coiffed mane, pretty pastel palettes, and Jackie O.-inspired silhouettes.

Alas, in Episode 5, Betty is back, snatching the Best Dressed Trophy away from Peggy's swoon-worthy sartorial performance last week.

While "Mad Men's" costume director Janie Bryant warned of a moody palette on the characters this season to go along with Don entering darker times, plus the tumultuous mid-60s in general, she also said that Betty's wardrobe would still maintain the light and optimistic feel she's known for, although her silhouettes might shift with the times.

We saw a little bit of that shift last night when Betty is seen wearing shiny striped pants in a cropped '50s-style cut, along with a fitted peacock blue sweater (see above) -- complete with a double-cone-shaped bust -- for an overall more casual look than we're used to seeing her in. Though, not a hair on her head was out of place, of course.

In scenes throughout the episode, Betty dons a pale green blouse worn under a gold-trimmed cardigan and a robin's egg blue shift dress (not the waist-cinching versions of seasons' past) featuring white piping and two rows of gold buttons down the front. She completes her look with pearls and root-boosted hair.

Other style winners of the night were Joan's navy-and-white ruffled dress, as seen in Episode 1, and little Sally Draper's new self-cut bob (which naturally outrages Betty).

Will Sally be the first to go all the way mod? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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