site redesign

Nordstrom introduces a new and improved online shopping experience. Photo:

Service, service, service.

That's the golden rule at Nordstrom, and the retailer has revamped its website to provide more and better service to its customers.

The overhauled site just launched and marks the first redesign in ten years (it's about time!), though there have been minor improvements from time to time.

"We tried to offer a crisper, better design," Colin Johnson, Nordstrom spokesperson, tells StyleList. "And to go beyond the visuals, we wanted to make shopping with Nordstrom easier and more fun."

The overall look is cleaner, with larger, less cluttered images highlighting five areas: Accessories, Shoes, Conversation, the Delight of the Day, and Change Is Good. There are a mere three tabs on the home page, for Department, Brand, and Conversation.

"We have better filtering capabilities," Johnson explains. "It's easier to sort, search, and shop" using multiple criteria.

The Conversation tab offers lots to look at: There's a blog called The Thread, peeks inside customers' closets, and a behind-the-scenes video of recent Target collaborator Ruben Toledo on Nordstrom's fall designer campaign shoot.

"This is a dedicated area for customers to share with other customers. It's pretty open-ended," Johnson said. "We want to hear from customers."

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