It appears as though "Gossip Girl" actress Taylor Momsen has been taking notes from Courtney Love's fashion blog.

The young star not only plays a rebellious teen on television, but dresses like one, too!

Momsen is trying too hard to give off the rocker vibe when appearing at Radio One in London earlier today. The micro mini dress is too short and the lacy thigh-high stockings are too provocative for a 17-year-old gal. The fledgling singer then takes it to an over-the-top level with hooker-esque platform heels. Last time she sported a clear, lucite pair with slots for tips!

Maybe the Material Girl model should take that hard earned money and invest in some eye makeup remover. The raccoon look is over the top, even for a grunge goddess.

But perhaps it's just us that feels this way. What do you think? Do you think Momsen needs to tone it down? Or is she just "pretty reckless" as the name of her band suggests?