Heavy Metal Leggings ELabel Beyoncé Deréon Fall 200 ad campaign copy

"Heavy Metal" leggings by E-Label (left) and the Deréon pair in question as seen on Beyoncé in her Fall 2010 ad campaign (right). Photo: ELabel.com | TheBeyonceNetwork.com

That whole imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery thing? Yeah, not so much.

Icelandic fashion brand E-label, who has a flagship store in Reykjavik and has been featured in fashion magazines including ELLE UK and i-D, is accusing Beyoncé of copying its design for a pair of studded leggings featured in her Deréon Fall/Holiday 2010 collection, Celebrity Clothing Line reports.

"This is naturally huge, and I am still half in shock," E-label's Helba Hallgrimsdottir told the celebrity fashion line-focused website.

"I didn't twig straight away that this was her own label: I just thought she was wearing our leggings.

"It is practically just copy/paste."

Well, not exactly. The Deréon leggings, which Beyoncé rocks in the fashion house's latest campaign, are black with six studded rows of differing heights running down the leg.

The E-label version, meanwhile, features a more grid-like pattern of studs covering the entire front leg.

E-label claims Beyoncé purchased a pair of its "Heavy Metal" leggings from the Edit section of Topshop, an area of the store that highlights up-and-coming designers, last November, according to the website.

The brand admits that the design isn't copyrighted (oops!), but the reports that Beyoncé bought a pair of the brand's leggings at the fast-fashion retailer probably won't go over to well if they decide to sue, which E-label says may happen in the future.

Deréon did not respond to StyleList's request for comment.

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