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Thanks to technological advancements in cosmetic surgery, nobody has to know that you've gotten it. Not your best friend, not your husband, not even your cat. Nobody.

Injectables and fillers like Botox and Restylane -- which help replace or delay more invasive procedures -- give patients a fresher look in mere minutes, with nary a bruise in sight.

Even more traditional plastic surgery is going incognito: New York City plastic surgeon Sharon Giese is promoting her "Natural Lift" as a gradual, discreet way to banish jowls.

A recent study conducted by Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group in the U.K. confirms that people are using these kinder, gentler versions of plastic surgery to keep their enhancements their little secret. Seventy-two percent of women hide non-surgical procedures like Botox and lip fillers from their friends and family, and more than half conceal the treatments from their partners.

And who's even more underhanded? Men!

The study found that 81 percent of men admitted to keeping their treatments a secret. Most men are way too macho to own up to Botox or calf implants.

Not surprisingly, liposuction was the procedure most often hidden. Are you thinking of all the women you know who've lost weight in strategic places and credit kick-boxing and pilates to their newly svelte figures? We certainly are.

And patients don't just want to keep these enhancements from friends, many of the clinic's patients are wary of the charges coming up on their bank statements, presumably so that their significant others will never know.

An employee of the clinic told the Daily Mail, "A patient who came to us for Botox and lip fillers last month asked the practitioner if there would be any red marks or bruising as she had a date with her boyfriend that evening and she didn't want him to know that she had any treatments."

Would you hide plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures from your significant other? Would they notice?

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