Drew Barrymore and Mark Wahlberg. Photos: WireImage | Getty Images

In the upcoming film, "Going the Distance," Drew Barrymore's character gets risqué as she engages in a fantasy over the phone with her long-distance lover played by Justin Long and gets very hot thinking about Mark Wahlberg's iconic Calvin Klein Underwear ads.

You'd think Mr. Wahlberg would be flattered. But apparently not, as our friends over at PopEater report.

As Barrymore explains, she had a very awkward exchange with Wahlberg when he learned her character in the film lusts after him. "Oh my God, I did tell him that," she said.

"I ran into him at an awards show and I told him I was just talking about how hot you are in your underwear." The former underwear model was not impressed.

Barrymore admitted she was confused that Wahlberg was not more excited to be the object of her phone-sex desire.

"Who would not be excited about that?" she asked. "He's a very nice guy, and I have had other conversations with him that went much better than that."

Long, Barrymore's on-again, off-again boyfriend, admits the encounter "didn't go over great ... In [Wahlberg's] defense, it's a strange thing to bring up. I don't think he was prepared for it."

Wahlberg's reaction aside, the "Going the Distance" phone sex scene between Long and Barrymore has a lot of heat.

Barrymore said she was not at all shy in taking part: "I was so excited to hit that [the scene]. And I really wanted to hit it hard."

Perhaps the former Marky Mark will be more impressed once he sees the movie. Flowers of a signed pair of CK boxer briefs may be in order.

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