sean penn drag woman wig lipstick this must be the place set

Dude looks like a lady. Sean Penn as a woman on set in Ireland. Photo: WENN

Oh, look, Susan Boyle got another makeover!

Wait a minute -- that's Sean Penn?! Either his years of being married to sexual-envelope-pusher Madonna have finally caught up with him or the actor -- who turned 50 on Aug. 17 -- is going through some sort of midlife crisis.

Actually, neither. Penn, who was spotted walking the streets of Dublin in bright red lipstick, long earrings, and big, teased hair, was shooting a scene for his new movie, "This Must Be the Place," reports the Daily Mail.

In the film, he plays -- no, not a really ugly woman -- but a wealthy rocker hunting for the man who killed his father, an ex-Nazi war criminal.

The Oscar winner certainly makes a convincing rock-and-roller. With his jet-black wild hair, pale makeup, scarlet lips, and all-black outfit, he seems to be channeling The Cure's Robert Smith. Or Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in "The Runaways."

Regardless, we're just glad he's not following the lead of other aging male A-listers and dyeing his hair red as he goes gray.