Heidi Montag post surgery. Photo: Getty Images

Heidi Montag has admitted that she's having some serious plastic surgery regret.

The 23 year-old reality star, who is best known for her extreme ten-surgery makeover, has said that she wants her G-cup breast implants removed.

"My boobs are crushing me. I have major anxiety about it," Montag told Life & Style.

The blonde beauty reportedly came close to overdosing on hospital painkiller Demerol during her recovery, and says it was all too much for her ex-husband Spencer Pratt to handle.

"No one wants to be taking care of his wife who looks like she'd been in a horrific accident," said Montag, who also added that Pratt "begged" her not to go under the knife in the first place.

Not only can super-sized breast implants come with emotional baggage; New York plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden says that there are heightened health risks as well.

"A higher rate of complications is more likely. This is due to the irreparable skin and tissue damage that can occur with the stretch caused by an implant that extends outside of the natural dimensions of the chest and breast," Dr. Walden tells StyleList.

There are also long-term considerations that need to be taken into account with extra large cup sizes.

"Bottoming out," or an unattractive skin stretch on the lower part of the breast, is common. There could also be difficulty with mammography, a risk of rippling with implant visibility through the skin, and a chance of extruding or wearing through the skin, resulting in an infection, says Dr. Walden.

As for a safe and attractive option that Montag could downgrade to, a slightly full cup size could enhance the feminine shape of her body without overdoing it.

"I think Heidi would be great with a moderate to full C-cup. Looking at a woman her height and weight, this usually equates to around 300 to 325 cc's," says Dr. Walden -- referring to the unit of measurement for breast implants, which is done in cubic centimeters.

Yet in a tragic twist of fate, the plastic surgeon who performed all of Heidi's ten original cosmetic surgeries was killed in a car accident just last week.

It could be part of the reason why Montag also tells Life & Style that she wants to leave tinsel town for a quieter life in Costa Rica.

"I just really want to get out of Hollywood. I don't have anything back home: no family, no friends," Montag told the magazine.

And when it comes to cosmetic surgery, Montag says that chapter in her life is closed for now.

"I won't get anything done again. At least, not for a long time."

While Montag had no choice but to admit her obvious plastic surgery, a recent study found that many people hide their procedures from friends and loved ones.