Richard Avedon photograph self portrait

Richard Avedon, self-portrait, New York, ca 1963. Photo courtesy of The Richard Avedon Foundation

Quick -- search the couch cushions for some loose change!

We're desperate for a little cash after learning that The Richard Avedon Foundation will be auctioning off more than 60 of the late photographer's iconic prints at Christie's Paris on Nov. 20 -- the largest group of his work ever to hit the auction block, according to a Christie's press release.

"Avedon: Photographs from The Richard Avedon Foundation" is expected to fetch $3.7 million to $6 million, which will be used to create an endowment fund for the foundation's philanthropic works, including the support of photography.

Included in the collection is a 1957 portrait of Marilyn Monroe, an Avedon self-portrait from 1963, and 1955's "Dovima with Elephants," which features a Dior-clad model surrounded by circus elephants. Must. Have. Now.

Poratraits of fashion icons Twiggy, Veruschka, Jean Shrimpton, and Brigitte Bardot are also up for grabs.

 Marilyn Monroe Richard Avedon photograph

Marilyn Monroe, actor, New York, May 6, 1957. Photo courtesy of The Richard Avedon Foundation

"Here, in this sale, you have a pantheon of the great creative figures of the 20th century," Philippe Garner, International Head of Christie's 20th Century Decorative Art & Photographs departments, says in the release.

"In addition to landmark images of the glamour and elegance of fashion at its most sophisticated we have intense, commanding pictures that confront the human condition." What are you waiting for? Paris -- and a hefty loan from your bank -- awaits.

Meanwhile, rare photos of Marilyn Monroe have recently surfaced.